My work

Sijoitus Oy


I am chairman and CEO of Sijoitus Oy. It is not a full-day work. As my own employer I can arrange my working hours as I wish.

I own all the shares of Sijoitus Oy together with my daughters. It is a consulting company in financial and political matters, publishing company which produces written and printed material, venture capital company which invests in listed and non-listed stock and investment company which owns apartments and real estate. My working volume in Sijoitus depends on the amount of assignments Sijoitus is getting and it varies quite a lot during a year.

Board memberships


I am honoured that I have been offered several very interesting and challenging board chairmanships and memberships. I am Chairman of board of directors in Soprano Oyj , Plusdial Oy and Videra Oy and a member of board  of directors in Isolta Oy and First Round Oy. I am also a partner in Boardman Oy.

Soprano Oyj is a growing dynamic and innovative company listed in Helsinki stock exchange. Plusdial Oy is a company in mobile services area. Videra Oy produces telepresence and videoconferencing services. Isolta Oy is a IT service and product company. First Round Ltd is an entrepreneurial-spirited business developer. Boardman Oy is a partnership in corporate governance area.

My book

Pekka ja kirja

By far the biggest work for me during 1999 was writing my first book. It was published by Otava   on October 6. 1999. Unfortunately it has been published only in finnish so I cannot put extracts of it's text here.Book's name is

(kertomus tosielämästä)

Book handles my life in postal and telecommunications worlds during years 1983 - 1999. I had my first contacts with Posts and Telecommunications of Finland in 1983, when I was a young Minister in the Ministry of Finance. At that time I started the process which changed a governmental office to a government-owned corporation and later to a group of limited companies and finally to Finland Post Ltd and Sonera Group. Book ends on January 4, 1999 when my mork as a President and CEO of Sonera Corporation ended. I describe in detail, what kind of an amazing political process led to resignation of Minister of Transport and Communications Matti Aura and myself at that time.  



Updated Jul 23, 2009